US Markets - U.S. REIT Review - November 17, 2017

publication date: Nov 17, 2017

Cerundolo Investment Research    

US Markets Update  

Volume 1, Issue 2
November 17, 2017

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Although REITs have been underperforming the S&P for quite some time, there are a number of stocks within the sector that have very good absolute structure in place and are clearly outperforming the (IYR) - REIT ETF. For those that would like or need exposure to this sector, attached we present 64 stocks that screen well and should be considered as longs.

  • The long-term trend in the REIT ETF IYR is very good, but relative to the S&P, it is clearly underperforming as shown in the chart below.
  • Although the sector is underperforming, for those that want or need exposure to the sec-tor, there are many long ideas where the trends are favorable and the relative performance vs. the IYR is very good.
  • Here we present a large basket of ideas, 64 in total that screen very well.

Topics and Tickers Discussed: , AHH, amt, apts, ARE, BDN, cbg, cci, CHCT, CIGI, CONE, COR, CPT, cresy, CTO, CTRE, CUBE, CUZ, dct, DEI, DLR, DRE, EGP, ELS, eqix, exr, FCE.A, FR, FRPH, good, GTY, HF, HPP, HST, IRM, IRS, IRT, IYR, JLL, LAMR, LAND, lpt, MNR, NRE, NSA, NXRT, PCH, PLD, PSB, QTS, REITs, REXR, RHP, RMR, RYN, sbac, SFR, SHO, stag, SUI, TRNO, UDR, UHT, WPC, WY, XHR, XIN,