Technical Tuesday - December 12, 2017

publication date: Dec 12, 2017

Cerundolo Investment Research    

Technical Tuesday Update  

Volume 1, Issue 4
December 12, 2017

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Items of Interest:

In this weeks Technical Tuesday report, we will be focusing mainly on a number of global equity markets as we are seeing a number of important shifts taking place and we will be sending out a separate report on commodities and currencies.


US Markets

European Markets

  • Both the CAC and DAX continue to have firm trends in place.

Asian Markets

  • The Nikkei remains on target for 24500.
  • Hang Seng held at support and looks favorable.
  • The Kospi 100 achieved its long-term target and look poised for a pullback.

Emerging Markets

  • EEM continues to pause/correct from its target area.

Commodity Markets (No charts highlighted)

Currency Markets (No charts highlighted)



Please note that some of these charts will have colored boxes that highlight target zones labeled MFU 2,3 or 4. These zones are generated from a proprietary supply /demand model which I have used for over 25 years. These zones will highlight areas where the probability of a pause or significant change in trend can occur and these targets are generated off short and very long-term timeframes. This is not for day trading. Note also that the MFU3 and MFU 4 targets offer the highest probability for a turn in trend.

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